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When our Founder and President, Chuck Book, first started Luthan Electric Meter Testing in 1999, he did so out of a small garage adjacent to a local barber shop. Today, we operate in a 33,000-square-foot facility on two acres off of U.S. Highway 60. Our expansive work area provides the space we need to provide a full range of precision metering services, including field testing, repairs, and replacements, as well as an expansive list of shop services, preventative maintenance, and a specialized revenue recovery program to meet all our clients’ needs.

Make sure you are capturing all possible revenue while reducing your operational expenses by partnering with Luthan Electric Meter Testing. We’re here to help.

Revenue Recovery Program

This in-depth, onsite inspection and verification program ensures utilities are capturing all energy while meeting or exceeding all regulatory requirements for accuracy and compliance testing.

  • Single Phase / 3 Phase CT Metering Installation Inspections
  • Ansi Test to Verify Meter Accuracy
  • Current Transformer Ratio / Burden Test
  • Secondary Voltage Transformers Voltage Ratio Verification
  • Load Inducing
  • Visual Inspection of Wiring & Instrument Transformers
  • Billing Multiplier Verification
  • Complete Report Showing Vector, Rotation, Voltage, Current & Harmonics
  • Customized Electronic File that Imports into your CIS System
  • Site Analysis Report

Preventative Maintenance Program

This program reduces overall costs and minimizes potential errors associated with meter change outs while meeting or exceeding all compliance and regulatory requirements.

  • On-Site Meter Testing Reducing a Need for Larger Meter Inventories & Storage
  • Eliminates Potential Errors Associated With Meter Change Outs
  • Test Results Available Sooner
  • Change Out of Faulty or Inaccurate Meters
  • Test Data Formatted to Import into your CIS System
  • Hard-Copy Test Results Available
  • Testing Performed by Certified Meter Technicians
  • Improved Consumer Confidence with Meters Tested by 3rd Party
  • Improved Flexibility in Work Schedule

Field Services

When it comes to onsite meter testing, repairs, and replacements in Owensboro, Kentucky, Luthan is raising the bar in quality and precision.

  • Meter Change-Outs
  • Troubleshooting A.M.I. Devices
  • Installation of New Instrument Rated
  • Metering Sites
  • Rebuild / Repair Existing Instrument
  • Rated Metering Sites
  • Preventative Maintenance

Shop Services

To better serve a diverse array of needs, our highly skilled technicians provide a broad list of shop services, including:

  • Testing all Single & Polyphase Electric Meters
  • Run Time Demand Testing
  • As Found, “End of Life,” Testing for Change-Out Programs
  • Retrofitting New & Used Meters to Work With A.M.I. Systems
  • Programming Electronic Meters & A.M.I. Devices
  • Customized Electronic File Imported to your CIS System
  • Testing & Calibration
  • Certified Customer Complaint Testing
  • Custom Programming of Solid State Meters
  • Custom Barcoding of Meters
  • Register Resets, Electromechanical or Solid State
  • AMR Reprogramming
  • Cleaning
  • Programming
  • Retrofitting
  • Refurbishing
  • Data Recording
  • Retirement Tracking Services
  • Sale of Refurbished Meters
  • Inventorying Meters, Old & New
  • Installations
  • Modifications
  • Resetting

Specialized Services

Not seeing the service you need? Contact our friendly team today to speak to a representative about custom services tailored to your unique needs.

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